After an intense career as Belgium’s youngest axeman of the Golden Generation in the seminal rock bands Evil Superstars and dEUS, Tim Vanhamel set up his very own band Millionaire in the year 2000.
Their album debut ‘Outside the Simian Flock’ (2001) promptly hit a sensitive spot with the guys from MUSE, who invited the young combo to join them as support on various UK & European dates.


Shortly after, Millionaire also caught the eyes and ears of Josh Homme and they were asked to open for QOTSA on their “Songs for the Deaf” tours in Europe & the US. Josh really took the band under his wings and Tim as his special protégé.


Next in line to give the notorious rockers a big ‘thumbs up’ was Dave Grohl.  And before long Millionaire found themselves touring Europe again, this time alongside Foo Fighters, and playing their first mega-show at Earl’s Court in London.


It came only naturally that recordings of Millionaire’s second album ‘Paradisiac’ took place in Los Angeles with Josh Homme as producer. During his stay in the City of Angels, Tim Vanhamel also joined the freshly founded Eagles of Death Metal and even co-wrote a track on “Peace, Love, Death Metal”.


New European and US tours ensued both with Millionaire and EODM. And after being on the road for so long and seeing his personal live disassemble in front of his eyes, Vanhamel shifted his focus to other projects.


His painful break-up with top-model Hannelore Knuts provided fertile grounds for his very first – and musically more accessible – solo album ‘Welcome to the Blue House’.


Vanhamel’s musical versatility became even more apparent when asked to provide a 60s-inspired score for the internationally acclaimed skid show ‘Benidorm Bastards’, the format and music of which got sold across the world (in the US it aired as ‘Off Their Rockers’). For this he called upon his long-time friend Pascal Deweze. Under the name Broken Glass Heroes they not only scored both seasons of the hit series but also released the full album “Grandchildren of the Revolution”.

After a short stint with Eat Lions, a heavy-duty freejazzhardcore outfit that barely outlived their own intense trail of destruction, Tim went on to join The Hickey Underworld and not much later MAGNUS, Tom Barman’s dance-project with CJ Bolland.

All the while though Tim has been itching to pick up where he left things off with Millionaire about 10 years ago. In all silence and seclusion, he recorded what has now become Millionaire’s #3, the new album “Sciencing”. Could it be the missing link between one and two?