• Silent River

    ‘What goes on in the head of a monk or a lion?’… Tim Vanhamel asks himself in Millionaires exhilarating new single Silent River. Night has fallen over Sciencing’s surreal valleys. Eerie synths and a crisp rhythm guitar lick are the musical blanket in which the fragile vocals are wrapped. Tim Vanhamel croons away in a seductive duet with Canadian singer Clara

  • Love Has Eyes

    Dear friends, And so the saga continues… seeking to end all war and hate in the universe, our brave friends Jonas Govaerts en Jaak Digitaal went on a deep exploration, in a world beyond ours they witnessed a sacrificial rite which just might capture the secret of life.   Long before the blue demon showed


    Over the last 15 years, Tim Vanhamel has been working on several musical projects. After two seminal, critically acclaimed Millionaire albums and years of intensive touring, he wrote a succesfull solo album ‘Welcome to the Blue House’, before taking on other projects such as Broken Glass Heroes, Eat Lions, Disko Drunkards, Magnus and The Hickey

  • I’m Not Who You Think You Are

    Hear hear, the first sign of life from Tim Vanhamel’s Millionaire: a single and music video for ‘I’m Not Who You Think You Are’ . The track announces a forthcoming album called ‘Sciencing’, scheduled for release on the 19th May. Millionaire is back on a high. After a hiatus of twelve years Tim Vanhamel and his band